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Clean Skin From Within by Dr. Trevor Cates

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Get Clean, Glowing, and Naturally Youthful Skin

If you struggle with imperfect skin (and who hasn’t?)… it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with things like redness, bumps, fine lines, and skin discoloration.

And if you’ve tried conventional medicine to deal with skin issues, or tried to cover up with concealers and makeup only to be disappointed – you’re not alone.

Discover Graceful Aging and Natural Beauty

If you really want to have naturally clean, glowing, more youthful looking skin. If you’d like to stop suffering from skin conditions, or simply want to see just how great your skin can really be – then I have great news for you.

You don’t have to suppress or cover up your skin issues, and you can have naturally beautiful skin. There’s an actual process for healthy, glowing skin, and I’d love to share it with you.

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Clean Skin From Within by Dr. Trevor Cates

Overcome Your Skin Issues
And Discover Your Natural Beauty Too

Dr. Trevor Cates

I’ve always had finicky skin. I had hives and eczema as a child, acne as a teenager, and rosacea in my 30’s. You name it and I’ve probably had it.

But after years of antibiotics, antihistamines, and steroids I was introduced to a natural, holistic approach that changed everything. So much so that I decided to pursue medicine and become a Naturopathic Doctor so I could help others, like you, overcome skin issues and discover your natural beauty too.

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Five Holistic Truths About Your Skin

To achieve a clean, natural glow and to stop what’s plaguing your skin you must first understand these five holistic truths:

  1. Your skin is a magic mirror to what’s happening inside your body.
  2. Common prescriptions usually do not fix the true underlying problems.
  3. Your skin has a delicate pH balance and community of bacteria that are crucial for its health.
  4. The foods you eat can affect your skin in a big way.
  5. Skincare products you put on your skin affect your internal health.

Stop Suppressing Or Covering Up Your Skin Issues

To have the glowing skin and vibrant health you deserve then, you’ve got to pay attention to what your skin is telling you, so you can get to the root causes and give your skin and body what they need to look and feel your best.

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The Six Causes of Imperfect Skin

There are six main underlying causes that can lead to imperfect skin:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Microbiome Disturbance
  3. Oxidative Damage
  4. Blood Sugar Issues
  5. Nutritional Deficiencies
  6. Hormonal Imbalances

Your Skin Is Like A Magic Mirror

Every day, your skin is giving you messages about your health.

Your skin offers clues about how healthy your habits are, and what’s happening inside your body. When you look at what’s happening on the surface of your skin and understand the causes behind symptoms… it’s much easier to make small changes to improve how you look and feel.

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“A few changes in my diet, and what a difference!”

By Veronica De Armas

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I had some big issues with my skin and my body, rosacea, some dry skin, and even acne. I followed Dr. Cates advice, used her products, and made a few changes in my diet and what a difference in myself inside and out!

Get Clean, Healthy,
Youthful Skin in Weeks

By Anthony Youn, MD

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As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I find Dr. Cates approach to be enlightening, encouraging, and effective. The true path to our skin’s health lies not in costly and painful procedures, but in what we put in our mouth and on our skin. Dr. Cates’s book is a one-of-a-kind.

“I cannot put the book down!”

By B. Coleman

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Great book! So important to address inner health in order for our skin to reflect our wellness by looking healthy and vibrant without the use of chemicals and other toxic ingredients!

A Better Approach To Skin Care

What’s Holding You Back From Clear, Glowing Skin?

There’s a good chance one (or maybe all) of the Six Causes of Imperfect Skin are holding you back from clear, glowing skin.

Which is why I wrote this book.

With This Book You Can:

> Identify the specific combination of causes affecting your skin.

> Determine your Skin Type so you can address your specific skin problems.

> Naturally improve your skin from the inside out.

> Achieve the glowing skin and vibrant health you deserve.

Clean Skin From Within by Dr. Trevor Cates

Get the 2-Week Program for Clean, Glowing Skin

Inside the Book, You’ll Discover the 4-Steps to Achieving Clean, Glowing Skin Naturally…

1. Clean Plate (Diet)

Enjoy delicious anti-inflammatory foods and recipes that support your liver, kidneys, and digestion, and avoid common foods that trigger skinflammation.

2. Clean Slate (toxin takeaway)

Discover how to replace toxic ingredients in your skincare routine with cleaner, effective alternatives, and reduce toxins in the air, as well as the water and food you consume.

3. Clean Body (Detox Support)

Find herbal and nutritional supplements that boost your liver and kidney function and enjoy ancient, spa-cleansing techniques used by world-renowned spas for enhanced toxin removal.

4. Clean Mind (Emotional Cleansing)

Identify and remove emotional triggers that negatively effect your body, mind, soul – and skin.

Inside The Book You’ll Also Find:

38 Superfood Recipes for Clean, Glowing Skin

19 Skin-Perfecting Smoothies, Juices, and Drinks

Superfood Recipes and Smoothie Drinks

27 Do-It-Yourself Skin Care Recipes for Face Cleansers, Toners, Exfoliants, and Masks

7 Habits for Clean Skin and Healthy Living

DIY Skin Cleansers

The results of the CLEAN SKIN FROM WITHIN 2-Week Program are delicious meals, toxic-free skincare, and a healthy mind and body!

And Have The Skin You’ve Always Wanted

Dr. Cates with her book Clean Skin from Within
JJ Virgin
“Clean Skin from Within takes the mystery out of anyone’s skin care concerns and makes it easy to look your best by providing a practical roadmap (and delicious recipes!).”
JJ Virgin, C.N.S., C.H.F.S.
Author of The Sugar Impact Diet and The Virgin Diet
Dave Asprey
“Read this book to learn how the things that will make you live way past 100 can also make you look amazing right now. Dr. Cates will transform how you think about your skin and aging.”
Dave Asprey
Author of The Bulletproof Diet
Izabella Wentz
“Clean Skin from Within provides a powerful toolbox for anyone ready to reclaim their health and have it radiantly reflected in their well-nourished skin.”
Izabella Wentz, Pharm.D., F.A.S.C.P.
Pharmacist, and Author of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
Mark Hyman
“Clean Skin from Within is a results driven approach to skin. Dr. Cates provides an easy-to-follow plan and delicious recipes to help you address the root cause and finally have the skin you want and deserve.”
Mark Hyman, M.D
Chairman, Institute for Functional Medicine
Founder & Director, The UltraWellness Center
Kellyann Petrucci
“If you’re sick and tired of having old, dry, wrinkly skin… or problems like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema… then I have good news for you: This safe, all-natural program is the answer you’re seeking”
Dr. Kellyann Petrucci
Author of Bone Broth Diet
Pedram Shojai
“Dr. Cates explains how your skin gives you messages about your health, and she provides a simple 4-step program with recipes to help get to the root cause of skin issues so you can have the skin you want.”
Dr. Pedram Shojai
Author of The Urban Monk
Cynthia Pasquella
“Clean Skin from Within is for anyone wanting to clear up skin issues or simply put their best face forward. You can get your natural radiance and confidence back, and this book will show you how.”
Cynthia Pasquella
Celebrity Nutritionist, Host of What You’re Really Hungry For

“Beauty is more than skin deep” is far more than an adage. What you apply to your skin impacts your health, and the health of your skin is a reflection of what’s happening in your body

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